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Check the Posting Page too! This site is cool for a few GCSE/GCE basics, try  for subject specific web-blog-intranet links.

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Check the Tutor Online profile at First Tutors see the pic link

or Email for quotes 

Alternatively order quotes from

This web-blog is for a collection of resources to complement a small self employed t/a tuition business. It runs part-time mostly because of RSI problems from working in Industry and Teaching for many years.

There are links to the main subjects offered for tuition. If your subject is not included please make contact via the comments.

The examples for studying are primarily for Business Studies Tuition.

The web-blog does include general info on National Curriculum and Examination Board via online links for Students, Teachers, Parents and interested individuals – i.e. Mature Students.  Many changes are ‘afoot’ in our Education system and it is sensible to provide just links as these, if properly maintained by the movers of the changes, should have the latest information. It is likely changes will occur with each change of Government.

For younger, catch-up and ESOL students there is an additional web-blog at

Also a Web collection info site at

http://qaawyrdrubric.wordpress .com/

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