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Tuition is available, with a forward looking helpful tutor!

For Mock exams in January:- discounts are available.

I can offer many subjects please see the complete subject list page:-

The Discounts available are 2 Hour lessons 20% discount, 1.5 10% discount with a minimum of 4.

Two weekly lessons are also available if you are outside the 20 mile round trip!

I tutor Business Studies, Economics, English Language and English Literature also Geography History & Politics at A Level plus I can tutor towards the Extended Project Qualification. Hourly or extended 1.5 or 2 hour lessons are in your own home.

I also tutor at Key Stage 2 & 3 in English and Maths and at Key Stage 4 (ie GCSE) I tutor GCSE English, Maths Geography and History, Business and Economics.

I can help with English language learning ie ESL/ESOL and Functional Skills too.

I am a qualified teacher (QTS PGCE Secondary BSc Hons) for Business Studies, Economics, English, Language & Literature, Geography and History from Primary KS1 and KS2 to A Level. Maths and Scienc Primary to GCSE.

KS2 for SATs or 11+ tuition is available afternoons or Saturdays.

I can also assist Dyslexic and Dyscalculia students.

My full time QTS PGCE training included Junior & Secondary.

It is possible to tutor a group of up to 10 in a library if friends would like shared extra tuition in the format of workshops on a particular topic.

All tuition takes place in your home.

Four lessons minimum and then on going through the term is the usual agreement.

Please state when enquiring if you only require a one off advice lesson, as most tuition is ongoing and booked 4 weeks at a time on the same day and hour weekly (and this time is reserved for the student on a weekly basis and ongoing). the 4 weeks minimum booking is usual for all Tuition one to one lessons with all Private Tutors or Tuition organisations. My rates are competitive with all the well known companies, single review lessons are possible but have a premium.

I offer Family discounts and shared tuition for different age groups available on the same day, e.g. £5 extra may be charged per subject and for each additional tutee, the most usual is 35 mins each Eng and Maths togetherfor primary making a 1hr 10min lesson at £25.

Discounts can be extra time instead of a lower payment. e.g. 2 primary students with 2 subjects for 1hr 45min at the 1hr30min payment, (the normal discount equals £35 for 1hr30min), time discount at £37.50 buys 2 students, with 2 subjects 1hr45mins tutoring.

Two subjects at A Level for one student would be £30 for 1 hr 15 mins.

For younger students I tutor catch up and improvement Literacy and Numeracy at Key Stage 2 as well as boosting grades from Key Stage 2 and 3.

I have Secondary School, Junior School and College teaching experience and have been tutoring for 7 years. I am a Private Self Employed (t/a) Tutor with a small micro micro tuition business.

As stated Tuition is normally booked in blocks of 4 lessons and over 4 weeks, small discounts are available for 1.5 or 2 hrs and a further £1 per lesson for payment for a month in advance as stated. Discussions over discounts for term fees in advance can be made.

Any single Lesson cancellation fees are waived if lessons rescheduled with 24hr notice. Cancellation of tuition requires a weeks notice. Group tuition cancellation costs are the hours for one week.

All Single lessons for Key stage or GCSE for analysis of tests for example are the ordinary rate plus £15.00.

In revision weeks single lessons must be weekends and £50 for 1hr30mins to avoid inconveniencing students who require 4 tuition sessions.

A Level tuition assessments on a one-off basis for retake planning are £60.00 for 2.5 hours. Similarly groups can be taught for £65 per hour for groups of 3 students or a rate to be discussed for a larger number of students.

Ordinary tuition:- The minimum number of hourly lessons is 4 (or equivalent to 4 weeks) Planning and Admin may be charged on early cancellation without the minimum 4 hours tuition lessons (sadly a decision to add this criteria after some tutees in 2018 have not considered that they are taking the day and time period for long term more dedicated students). Only taking two lessons will attract a cancellation fee. Similarly late notification of monthly continuation (which should be in the 3rd week) will attract a weeks fee while another student books

Cancellation notice for any lesson with less than 24hrs notice will incur a £10 fee for preparation and/or travel, unless there is an unforseen problem.

It is the responsibility of the Tutee or Tutee`s representative to determine & advise the tutees examination board details.

The small agreement provided gives details. It is the students responsibility to work hard towards & take the examinations, Tutors do all they can to help boost grades, refunds are not made if the examination results are not improved.

Teaching organisations recommend tutors charge 2.5 x the basic teaching salary converted to hours thia currently equals £42.50 per hour, so the rate charged (including an hours work before the lesson time, & travel time), represents truly excellent value.

I work 4pm to 8pm Monday-Friday, some daytime tuition is available. I also write resources, & make web-blogs for tutees. The resources are provided for the students ongoing reference and provide an `intranet` and study help for their subject.

I check all subject Specifications and find suitable textbook & online resources:- a big project when Specifications are changing and resources need updating to match Examination Board requirements. I prepare individualised lesson plans and resources tailored to Students and this and Admin takes another 2-3 hours daily.
Data Protection update

Information held by the Tutor is the same as the Electoral Roll ie name of the person engaging the tutor and home address plus phone and email. Details are kept only while tutoring takes place and are deleted when tutoring is completed.
Records of tutoring contact exchange details are on the online tutor agency website for the individual tutors and the individual enquirer only.

People requesting tutoring can request to see, and be sent information held by requesting the information from Tutorhunt, or by emailing their Tutor if currently taking tuition lessons.

It is up to the online tutor agency to allow any individual enquirer to make any record private.