Month: April 2012

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Just trying to make a post reflect the old url.


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A website from a big company hosting site has been replaced with a wordpress blog…hope you find your way over here.

Add new Pages for Case Studies

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Each Controlled Assessment can have a page or set of pages

Work as a Group

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Work in groups to make notes…Make your own Blog between you, take a section of the Specification and add it to a Blog page or set of pages. 

Create the free blog…choose the theme…add pages, links and their categories can be inserted with widgets on the sidebar, post categories are separate and give you a search facility…. Settings and privacy allow you to have more than one person contributing.

Pages across the top

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Pages across the top of the posting page, and on the right hand side bar of the individual pages

Blog better than Website

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More up to date theme, more slick looking – soz the black line across the top, we’ll say it’s about the campaign against internet info

The Blog replaces the Website

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A new blog to replace the website… just a short wait and it will have all the same info… and the four column theme will give much easier navigation.