Month: September 2012

As long as The Plan comes together

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Start early, a textbook chapter of notes, some info collecting and reading and note making each week – make it simpler- share note making when it’s ok to.

Online Possibilities

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Interesting…kind of

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For two reasons, the atticle is part of a website that requires an Athens password (uni students and professionals) and because it has an option on the sidebar to export citation info.

Part of the password protection is security of information, so it isnt altered or software hacked, and part is often monetary, ie subscriptions are important for ongoing publications.

Emerald Insight is another good source for online information.

A digital river info collection ‘trip’

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Make a few blogs – one on the main topic, one for posting and collecting blog reads, one for posting tweets, one to showcase them…create a twitter with lists (tweet caster?) and a facebook to ‘like’ stuff…

Check the tweets, post relevant info, check blog reads,  websites and add their blogs to your blog read blog…add posts and pages of info on the main blog…

Hey presto, a comprehensive collection of info!!

Or just use Pearltrees and Pinterest – or add them to your main blog


Simple with WordPress and their app!!