Month: August 2015

Web-blog Theme Design -Internet Marketing

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Eventbrite – Contact Us

This is essentially an ICT post and-or potentially real world business info suitable at ALevel or the new Tech level Business Studies Marketing students. Also Young Enterprise.

Hoping that Tech levels are going to replace Applied Business Studies too.

There will be a suitable case study text book reference soon.


this post info is about a real world enquiry to the designers of the web-blog theme used to create this

Eventbrite single event theme has been chosen for this web-blog as its possible to link events. As a Micro co, or a Young Enterprise resource or for Business Studies and ICT courses and-or building collaboration between students who are keen to use Business Studies in the real world, the option to link to an events site could be a useful.  Of course studies must come first.

Sadly (a tad disappointing) at this time the theme (basic design) doesn’t include an option at the end of the page on mobiles to access the full web-blog page. Other themes do have that option.

A support contact form has been sent to the linked Eventbrite website support team to enquire if there is a way of adding ‘go to full screen’ to the theme.

Its fine on a pc – on pc-tablets it still needs checking.

Eventbrite – Contact Us

Q if not – change theme, accept the limitation, or plan to move to without the Eventbrite link. (The web-blog moved from Vistaprint some time ago). Alternatively use Serif Webplus to make a completely new website, have it hosted and also ask for a link to Eventbrite. – Lots of time consuming and potentially costly options.

Comments welcome.