Gamified Learning, Peanut Allergies & Robotics!

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Relevant to Training?
More later.


Just a tad worried old concepts are arriving in a ‘re-hashed’ style – the Alternative description to Gamified learning  (taking it a step further) could be ‘Circus Style’ or ‘Programming’

Rewards are usually qualifications, presentation, a skill learned (driving?) or certification and/or when at work; salary based, but in ‘Gamified learning’ they may be arbitary game-culture extra points or new level unlock codes or even tokens.

Just as long as this kind of training  doesnt evolve to include under the skin ‘chips’ as we have recently ‘accepted’ for pets or unreal monetary (coin that is not legal tender) recompense in a work situation ie Minimum Wage and food tokens for vending machines, as the USA and other cultures accept we may be able to incorporate and embrace a modern ‘take’ on an old way of learning.

Taking things apart, recognising the components and re-assembly to a working model or component is a time honoured way of learning many essential trades. If it’s in virtual reality in the past! we have called it ‘computer aided design’ CAD.

Is this an Ethics topic, a PSHE or Citizenship, a Business Studies Human Resource Training new topic or an English skills resource?


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