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This Google Search brings up a publication on the top link which is difficult to find on their website (Archived?)

Essentially it covers all kinds of internet  and ICT links rather than using Excel Spreadsheet input to reflect on maths calcs.

Some of its findings reflect attitudes:-

Effect  on teachers and their pedagogical beliefs Collaboration between pupils using ICT clearly alters the nature  of the classroom as relationships between pupils and teachers change. At times the teacher will be more  of a leading team player than a sole dispenser of knowledge,and this may conflict with their pedagogical beliefs. Jarrett (1998) reports  three changes among teachers using technology: ● ● ● Raised  expectations of pupils A more  student-centred approach to  teaching Greater willingness to  experiment. This  implies that ICT supports a constructivist pedagogy,where  pupils use technology to explore and reach an understanding of mathematical concepts. Connell (1998) investigated the effect  of the teacher’s pedagogical beliefs  on the effectiveness of ICT, comparing a classroom run along constructivist principles (where  pupils were encouraged to  explore and test) with one where the technology was used primarily as a presentational tool for pre-packaged material, more  akin to  a behaviourist approach. At the end of the study,pupils in the constructivist class showed a marked improvement relative to  the  other  class,suggesting that it is necessary to  align the philosophy  of the classroom with the use of ICT. Ruthven and Hennessy (2002) examined the pedagogical ideas behind maths teachers’use of ICT. What they found though,suggested that the opposition between constructivist and behaviourist philosophies is unhelpful in the UK context: teachers were  using both approaches in their teaching,and finding them to  be complementary. It  was clear to teachers that the use of ICT was changing classroom conditions,but they accepted this, and welcomed the fact  that it assisted the conducting of investigations by  pupils. In doing this, it was assisting teachers to  realise what was already established practice,more effectively. Certain aspects of ICT though (such as ‘tinkering’, where pupils used ICT to explore and manipulate  results) were  causing teachers to  reconsider their practice, and to develop their pedagogical thinking.


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