Business Studies 2017

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Have these businesses in mind and then go back to the textbook theory.

Check the new Biz Studies basic concepts page too.
For a ‘flavour’ of Business Studies find a selection of websites. Look for Company History,  Advertising,  Corporate Info, and Marketing ‘P’s

You could make a bookmark ‘getpocket’ site or a microsoft ‘one note’ labelled for learning set of folders and then screen capture some info and save the links.  Or even make a private (or a twitter) to save links to,  if you feel that will give you an understanding and reference collection. 


Rolls Royce.
The Halifax Building Society.
Find a large music or film company.

(Television stations have lots of different companies making programmes for them too.)

Find a list of tradespeople in your local area.

Some companies are soley investment companies for other businesses – some of these are the major UK Banks but some are less well known. See if you can find a UK one by searching on Wikipedia.

For Marketing find the Experian Mosaic Brochure and their segmentation categories within the brochure. Note how some categories are savings investment and luxury orientated and some family suburbia work orientated and others students.

For Production,  Operations:
Check the beeb series of how things are made, crisps, baked beans etc


See the bbc bytesize GCSE Business studies website.

Dragons Den and The Apprentice are not really giving you an insight to Business Studies – they are for entertainment!


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