Online Learning

Online learning from internet resources gives a much wider scope than using just the recommended text book so keep going back to the text book to keep focused, you dont have unlimited time and its a new language (lots of new definitions that have a lengthy explanation). Most of these new terms are at the end of each chapter, understanding them and using them in the right context is why you are studying. Applying them to facts and case studies is a skill and a competence. Its like Driving and knowing the Highway Code and then becoming a safe competent driver.

The internet is helpful but stay with one or two really helpful websites.

Help each other in groups as,a class – make an offline wordpress or Outlook Word file. Group contributing and collaborating quietly and sensibly – and then writing your own essays can reduce workload – if you stick to textbook case studies and Q you will only be writing about the information the examiner is expecting. It also gives a much more up to date type of note making…and is always around for you to look back at. 

It’s cool because it can be shared and individuals from the same schools or even different schools can collaborate…if you are worried about the content, ask an educational expert, teacher, tutor to run their eye over it.

There are answer books and they are expensive but there may be secondhand older versions with answer books – but they wont be online downloadable versions.

There are lots of Business Studies online resources ie:





(Once the ok received from each ine, a link will be added here).

Other websites:-

Student Support:

The Student Room

Advice on Internet essay writers –

Don’t copy essays from the Internet – if you are short of time make an Essay Plan instead.

Create a table in word or on paper.

Each box horizontally has

1. The Q, 2. Text Book and Spec Info, 3. Analysis, 4. Evaluation of the part of the,Q

Vertically you need one row (line) for each part of the Q or Specification and Q-case study analysis and a last row (line) for the conclusion.

Make lots of these – one for each texbook chapter using their example case study info, its a good system to prepare for linear exams.

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