Biz Calc Notes

It’s all too easy to get lost with different types of information regarding business calculations, the simplest text book with Maths Moments, is by authors Surridge and Gillespie (both for AS and A2 level), all text books have the necessary calcuations and you should have a look at different ones and choose the one you understand the most.  Hall Jones and Raffo and Marcouse all have the calculations with examples.

Websites and revision sites are ok, but you may find that online revision sites have calculations explained with spreadsheets which is fine for real business use but not so good to learn from as they don’t explain how the figures are arrived at, this can also be the case with interactive whiteboard lessons.

A simple but effective way of creating your own notes, or adding information to blogs is to follow the system below, (blog info is difficult to put into tables, the best way is to make a publisher file in A5 and copy it into paint as a picture)



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