Diary – Enterprise


There’s a Diary ‘happening’ i.e. weekly posts being added, on building the online QAAWyrd and QAA_Confidence (micro trading as Companies) web-blogs. Although creating a small pretend Business for GCSE Business Studies is no longer part of the Specification, students did like the process and as a resource for many areas i.e.- ICT, Key Skills, Extended Project Qualification and Business Studies, a reflection of how a small enterprise might startup in a snapshot pictures and posts can be valuable, especially for including Social Media.


A written diary may be useful but in a collaborative mode, comments and shared information is useful so the Diary will appear on the Internet – obviously at some point it may be useful to have a dot.com but when its free- wordpress or blogger-blogs are a good place to start!

Using the different options on themes (WordPress) and views (Blogger)  for Web-blogs at WordPress and Blogger with different views is cool too and on a marketing level for Advertising online or an online presence – can be as important as planning content for static or video promotion.

The one below was linked is a Blogger.com Dynamic Snapshot view which adds all the different posts and is cool.

A snapshot view is lovely, but the posts disappear so its a return to the basic templates.

qaawyrd BLOGSPOT aug

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