Econ Slideshares & notes

Linking other than home page links generally needs permission.
slideshares do have embed codes and that infers its ok to add their info, but to be safe requests for permission to use them as links on this blog have been sent out  via email.   

it is assumed that as can be private or public that the use of the embed codes may not be for public blogs

As it is not clear -(and it is an intention to make the blog available as a public blog the links may be excluded,  the basic diagram links are on blog posts and recommended on getpocket bookmark site). 
You should search slideshare yourself and check with a teacher or your tutor that the info is correct. That is until the ok emails are received.

(Note: to have the blog available just for students/tutees via email invite and possibly subscription may be cool and how to do this is currently being reviewed but that will probably attract vat tax.)

The best way for students to view the separate slideshare network is to search for it online and create their own login.

Also search for users/sites recommended for Economics in your specification resource as these may be more likely to be on Slideshare than ordinary resources sites.

Don’t get confused by the enormous amount of data available – your textbook is still your most valuable resource. 
 Make notes from any slideshow or powerpoint into

See the getpocket bookmark site recimmendations too
you would be sensible to have a notes template to check off topics – see the Revision Plan.


Have two notes files Micro and Macro  – or one for the theory for each module and one for any pre-released material.

Example notes to buy

Zigzag but these can be expensive for individuals
Tutor2u are useful but not examination board specific.

This youtube chanel is old teaching style but easy to remember or take notes from