Essay writing can be a difficult skill to acquire or learn.

Spoken English is much faster and has less descriptive qualities and depends on the replies of another person or people – and we rarely think very very carefully about what we say.

Good Essay writing to answer questions or review information needs careful planning and yet if you do plan your Essays eventually that skill becomes easier and easier.

Creative writing may need even more attention to detail – and examination questions must have all the elements of the question answered.

This document, on the link below may help you – alternatively you may find another system that is just as good  perhaps from a teacher or someone else.  Whatever works and brings results is a sensible system to work with.

There are lots of alternatives in resources for teachers uploaded to online websites – and lots have useful ways of looking at including all the information to make achieve good results.


There is a useful Dictionary where you can search for words, or in articles you can search for similies and metaphors or personification ideas – lots are already in our language as cliches so its okay to use them ..  The Examples option allows you to find the lists for kids … and they have a share option on their info to input to wordpress – check their link

Dictionary definitions you can understand – YourDictionary

via Dictionary definitions you can understand – YourDictionary

Examples, Similies –

It is possible to log in and make word lists to return to – just check the age that you are allowed one of their registrations and that it’s not going to cost – websites can update their terms when they wish.