Maths KStages

Key Stage 1-4

No longer tested at specific intervals other than the year end. Tuition on a one to one basis is invaluable.

Building the concept links of quantities to written numbers is fundamental especially place value and meaurements early on.

Use legobricks or similar in different colours, play money, scales, tape measures to reinforce number as a reality.

Careful of Apps that can confuse, consult your School teacher and/or tutor.

The bbc bitesize website is helpful but some of the video’s can distract from number understanding.


Its quite difficult to find and decide the best online resources and be able to link to those most effective Maths websites – often your School or College have links on their own website in the student area that they have subscribed to and that you can use with your own login for that establishment.

We all know of the bbc/education bite size website a really useful site (covered by License).

A Google search brings up

There are well known subscriber websites that we cant add here for both GCSE and GCE (A Level) because they are subscription based (KMcG Insight)

The CGP Revision books are always useful – can be downloaded via kindle and can then synch across devices using an email – and they do have some apps.

Also there is a pdf Collins Instant Maths Revision that is useful.

TES Resources link for GCSE”>

The Amazon link to buy books soon ..
The AQA website has information for teaching and bridging Key Stage 3 to 4
GCSE Topics
N.A.R. Gee Pee Ess

 Number  Algebra  Ratio, proportion and rates of change  Geometry and Measures  Probability  Statistics