Simple and Effective

A web-blog to help you with HOW to learn a subject, especially Business Studies.

Try to keep your learning as Organised and Simple as possible.

Theres a running update of the latest progress – web-blogs made, social media made, artwork created, profiles added, references requested, resources written etc. etc.


This web-blog is not planning to create a new on-line textbook – but direct you

to having a Tutor once a week in addition to lessons so you can learn to ORGANISE

your time with an expert.


Make sure you READ and WRITE lots each week – its going to help in the Exams.


Make your own Essay Plans – ask your teacher or tutor to mark them – they are quicker

than searching and trawling the internet for essay answers and can save on time. It

also means you get into a habit of HOW to write an essay without actually writing

trillions of them.


DON’T use all the online resources ALL OF THE TIME.  The examiner is steeped

in the text book recommended – and can recognise in your answers if you have

read and used it – following the recommended text book means you thinking

the same way as the Examiner!! Use its definitions all the time and Quote from

it eg use the same case studies.

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