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Tutor Information:- 
About Mrs S. F. Farmer PGCE BSc Hons.

Local Nottingham tutor

Personal Description:

I am a PGCE and BSc 2.1 Hons in Environment Studies and Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University 2000 and 1999.

I have been a Private Tutor running QAAWyrd Tuition, a Micro Company  from 2007 to 2012 during the time the Government paid the Educational Maintenance Allowance to students – and I have many students who improved their grades from their mock examinations to the real A Level or other qualifications when those Specifications included Case Studies and also Controlled Assessment Specification Days; particularly in Business Studies.

I believe that now A Levels are linear and two years of study is required prior to examination it’s more important than ever to structure learning and benefit from a One to One or 2-3 shared students private tuition. The guided learning for at least one hour per week particularly in subjects that students are new to at GCSE or Year 10 can be invaluable as the confidence of asking a question directly to a tutor and discussing and explaining the topic on a one to one (or two students, one tutor) provides a means to also develop the logic analysis and evaluation for examination question essay writing, even the hour or two hour lesson period helps structure time and provide an examination structure.

I have also worked in one of Europe’s largest Companies and worked with Administration in Insurance, Assurance, Finance, Credit Control and Telecoms Admin and Quality so I have a wide experience of Business in the local area and appreciate the world of the students’ parents.

Teaching and Tutoring Experience:

I have taught in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Education Schools and also worked with my own Micro Company tutoring students at all levels to Examination Specifications and Key Stage levels, I have taught mostly on Contract from 2000 and run my micro Tuition company successfully for 5 years from 2007-2012. It is now re-starting in 2015.

I have a DBS (previously a CRB) dated 2015, and have held a CRB since 2000.

I trained to teach at the Nottingham City Academy and at New College Nottingham and I also completed a Return to Teaching Course (particularly updating online resource skills) sucessfully in 2007-8 with a placement teaching Mathematics at a Nottinghamshire LEA School.

Personally my Micro Tuition Company ran from 2007-2012 to look after an elderly parent and respond to the need to be available in the daytime. It also became a practical consideration because of the closure of vocational departments in LEA Schools.

I have also worked with the Young Enterprise organisation running an enrichment lunchtime course in a local College.

Tutoring Approach:

I am very structured and wish students to have a thorough knowledge of the theory (which becomes the subject language and short form of subject Communication -and without which good grades are impossible) and be able to apply this to the case study questions and theory questions of their subject. It is not sufficient to use imagination and personal experience at ‘O’ and ‘A Level’. I have successfully encouraged many students through the difficulties and self discipline needed to persevere when they are over worked with self learning, time management and the balance of learning and a social life.

Boarding School students do not have the options that students living at home have.

For the aim and objective of a completely thorough understanding and appreciation of the Business world I am prepared to make lessons -i.e. tutor time – interesting with top company information and also insights into textbook recommended small Enterprise: in the case of Business Studies. For all subjects I have a preference for working through and with the recommended text books.

At BTEcs and Tech levels (some vocational subjects are moving to Tech levels with the possibility of Applied Business Studies being included) evidenced work is part of the Specification, I have experience of teaching to evidenced criteria and have been the liaison Youth Training Officer for the clerical staff in a large Telecommunications Company ensuring departmental portfolio’s were completed – this I believe is sound experience for the Extended Project Qualifications and Key Skills.

At a Junior School and Year 7-9 and Key Stages I believe a little one to one tuition can make exceptional gains in the students ability to absorb their Schooltime lessons, there are also extended subject workbooks available particularly for English and Mathematics.


Nottingham Trent University
PGCE (Secondary teaching level) in 2000 Business Studies and ICT

Nottingham Trent University (1999) – BSc Hons 2.1 (Bachelors Honours Degree.) Environment Studies and Business Administration.

Native Language: English (British)

Availability: Weekday Afternoons and Evenings/Weekends DBS 2015


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